Different needs, different solutions

Storion SMILE systems, powered by AlphaESS implement cutting edge technology for the use of home solar storage solutions. The SMILE systems have an all-in-one design that is popular with households and small businesses.

In addition, its flexibility to add on more battery units with actual plug-and-play installation has been highly needed in the solar storage market.

The SMILE batteries only use the safest battery chemistry available on the market – Lithium Iron Phosphate. As a safeguard, we use extra casing for our batteries and have software integration to protect the battery from any potential damage.

All AlphaESS batteries use a world leading Energy Management System (EMS) Technology, which is the brain of a photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage system. The EMS provides you with 24/7 online monitoring, to help you understand your energy usage and help you to improve your in-home energy use.

Our Storion SMILE systems can be set-up to also act as a UPS system (response time is less than 20ms).

Our multi award winning products come with a 5 year product warranty and a 10 year warranty on battery performance.

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