Commercial Solutions

AlphaESS provides flexible and integrated solutions with track record applications in many countries around the globe.

Our commercial and industrial applications use the safes lithium battery type – lithium iron phosphate to ensure > 6.000 battery cycle life. The battery modules are produced by the world’s top tier suppliers. We use advanced structural design with sophisticated thermal simulation and software management to prolong the battery life.

Our independently developed EMS is capable to optimize the operation algorithm under various scenarios, such as on-grid self consumption, on-grid UPS priority, on grid peak load shifting, off grid with PV, and off grid with backup generator. It also utilizes PV generation forecasting, machine learning, load forecasting and demand management algorithms to achieve greater savings.

We integrate energy storage batteries, BMS, power conversion system, temperature control and a HVAC system to achieve flexible and stable operation under various environmental circumstances.

Our systems come with a 5-year product warranty, 10-year battery performance warranty, with a design life of 20 years.

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Case Study

In early 2018, AlphaESS was approached by a company M.Y in Yangon, Myanmar for Micro-Grid solutions, they haven been working on the Rural Electrification projects for 2 years already and the past projects were all based on Lead-Acid which was not that durable and environmentally friendly, AlphaESS team then customized a 10foot container solution which perfectly suit their need and also fits in their budget.

One 10foot customized container contains one unit of SINEXCEL 50kW PV Storage Hybrid Inverter with transformer and a 50kW Smart Transfer Switch (STS), Fire Fighting System, HVAC, lighting facility and all battery associated equipment was designed in the solution. The battery storage consists of only 4 parallel strings, each string is comprised of 7 units of 5.73kWh LFP battery modules (AlphaESS M48112-S) in series, each string with its own battery management system (BMS) and a top-BMU module is managing 4 units of String BMS provided by AlphaESS. The 50kW STS module, was connected to the back-up Diesel Generator, AlphaESS EMS intelligently sends the turning-on-and-off signals to the generator through the dry contact points based on the pre-set conditions, it also manages the PV energy and battery energy flows with its pre-set sequences, with this complete solution, the entire village is now powered by this Micro Grid solution.

“Comparing to the Lead Acid based storage we used before I am pleased to see that now we are much more advanced in solutions with everything pre-engineered before sending to the sites, the long life time of the lithium-ion technology makes my investment looks more comfortable now, with this compact and cost-effective solution I am confident that we can replicate it very easily and efficiently to every off-grid corners around the country.”

– Said Mr. Ashish, the Technical Director of M.Y.

iinno benelux
iinno benelux