AlphaESS residental battery storage system got ranked 1th by the independent Geman Cleantech Institute

Recently, the German research institute EuPD Research released the list of the top ten energy storage brands in the European market in 2018. The ranking was jointly researched by the German Institute of Clean Technology and EuPD Research. With its superior quality and good reputation, the products of Alpha ESS stand out from the crowds of energy storage brands and is ranked among the top ten. The Storion ECO-ES5 is ranked first in the 5kWh category.

EuPD Research is Europe’s leading sustainability research company, specializing in B2B market research and providing comprehensive customized and quality research services to customers in Europe, Asia and America. EuPD’s ongoing investigations continue to deepen its expertise in the field of renewable energy, especially in photovoltaic solar energy. With in-depth market knowledge and professional methods, EuPD has a excellent reputation in the industry and its reports and awards have become the “beacon” of the world’s energy storage industry.

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